PHYRIS is a high-tech cosmetic developed by international scientists and leading dermatologists. It has set new standards in the skincare world of today. PHYRIS 3 - phase care concept offers every possibility to optimally protect and care for your skin and its related problems.


  • I am so excited and glad to share my experience with phyris.. I used the skin normalising cream for a start and it has calmed, balanced and strengthened my skin. My face has never felt so smooth and soft. Thanks to phyris skin care concept... try it too, it really works...
    Dian Antwi
    Accra - Ghana
  • 'PHYRIS Creams really work. My face is smoother than before'
    Soraya Mcarthur
    Accra - Ghana
  • My face never felt this silky smooth and soft in ages. Now i can go make - up free. Thanks to PHYRS...Its really a "must have".
    Ellen Denutsui
    University of Cape Coast. Ghana
  • I am super excited to share my experience with PHYRIS. Beginning from the first use my skin began to look better and better and today my skin has taken on a glow i haven't seen in years. My skin feels cleaner and fresher than it ever has. The SOMI is amazing. The 24- hour cream unbelievably gives a luxurious  feeling.  As my skin has gotten clearer and brighter,  I just have to wear a little make-up.
    Ivy Sarfoaa Owusu
    Barclays Bank, Tanoso, Kumasi - Ghana