A cordial welcome to PHYRIS!

With the help pages we want to inform you of content, services and features of the PHYRIS Africa Project out of the house DR. GRANDEL GmbH. Click on a topic to get detailed information. If you have a question not answered here, please send them via e-mail to us.

What is PHYRIS?
PHYRIS is a premium, five-star, cosmetics made in Germany.
What is the meaning behind the name PHYRIS?
PHY > Phyto = plants, nature
    Physics = advance, technique

IRIS > Flower = female, beautiful
    Eye = individual, unique
What is the safety promise?
PHYRIS is a high-tech cosmetic made by international scientists and leading dermatologists. PHYRIS is sold freely in over 52 countries worldwide and represented in all the continents of the world.

PHYRIS is manufactured in accordance with the German Public Health Regulations and the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 and its amendments as well as the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products (Cosmetics GMP).

PHYRIS is registered in Ghana by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) under section 118 of the Public Health Act 2012 (Act 851).
What is the PHYRIS Africa Project (PAP)?
The PHYRIS Africa Project is a marketing and investment campaign of PHYRIS Cosmetics in the Africa Region. This is being championed by Priority Health Ghana Ltd (PHG). The project seeks to promote the use of PHYRIS Cosmetics and its unique 3-phase skincare concept – a concept which produces results you can see and feel instantly and lastingly.
What is the 3-Phase Care Concept of PHYRIS Cosmetics?
The 3-Phase Care Concept is an innovative, modern skincare approach developed by leading dermatologists. The unique 3-phase concept is high-tech and superior to conventional skincare methods.

Phase 1: Cleansing, Tonifying, Exfoliation. Phase 2: Activation of the skin (Somi). Phase 3: Care, with natural active ingredients.
Who can be part of this campaign and how can one participate?
Participation in the PHYRIS Africa Project is open to all lovers of beauty and cosmetics in general – individuals; professional bodies; beauty institutes/parlour; supermarkets; spas; perfumeries etc. designated as Distributors, Product Development Managers (PDM) Retailers and Professionally Trained Sales Executives (PTSE).
How do I become a distributor, retailer or professionally trained sales executives?
In order to become a Distributor, PDM, Retailer or PTSEs, you have to send a formal request to info@priorityhealthghana.com or call any of our contact numbers to discuss eligibility with the Africa Project Team.
Where can I purchase PHYRIS Cosmetic Products?
PHYRIS Cosmetics are sold in selected shops/supermarkets; perfumeries; spas; beauty institutes and pharmacies in the following countries in Africa: Ghana, Cameroun, Cote d’ Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, and Senegal.

You may call any of our contact numbers and you will be directed to a shop near you.
How is PHYRIS Sold?
PHYRIS is sold by professionals at designated retail outlets listed on our website.
Can I buy PHYRIS Cosmetics online?
Yes, one can purchase PHYRIS Cosmetics online from our designated retail outlets that sell online to their customers. However online sales are limited to the PHYRIS Africa Project countries – Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo.
What is the selling proposition of PHYRIS Cosmetics?
PHYRIS is sold 3-phase. This means the end user or customer will need to use:

Phase 1: Cleansing product
Phase 2: Activation or Somi product
Phase 3: Care product
The designated professional in the retail outlet will guide you.
Can one buy PHYRIS Cosmetics to use in combination with other Cosmetics?
No. For optimum results, the three phase concept must be strictly applied at all times. The products are formulated based on the 3-phase concept. However you may use our phases 1 & 2 products in combination with your own care cream for the best results. Phase 2 (SOMI) in particular makes your subsequent care cream even more effective.
How do I know the product suitable for my skin type and condition?
The designated professional in the retail outlet or treatment centre will guide you.
How much does PHYRIS Cosmetics cost?
The Prices of PHYRIS Cosmetics differ. Contact the nearest designated PHYRIS outlet to find out prices of the various lines.
Are PHYRIS Cosmetics suitable for the black skin?
Yes, PHYRIS Cosmetics are formulated for all - Black skin, Asian skin, Caucasian etc.