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Do you want to Experience more value for yourself and your Beauty Institute, SPA, Salon or Cosmetic Retail outlet?

Then, you will find the right partner in PHYRIS!

We know what it means to be self-employed. That is why we are committed to assist you with all that is related to your business. We support you individually. Our experts are available anytime to discuss with you regarding the countless topics of running a beauty institute, SPA, Skincare Salon or Beauty Emporium.

We aim at a long-lasting partnership that is based on mutual trust because we want to see the success together with you.

Please see below why you should choose PHYRIS Africa as your partner.


PHYRIS offers an innovative and extensive care range for every skin type and skin problem such as for:

  • demanding and mature skin
  • skin in need of nutrients
  • devitalized and tired skin
  • skin in need of regeneration
  • dehydrated skin
  • large-pored skin
  • impure and oily skin (acne and other blemishes)
  • hyper-sensitive skin and skin prone to allergies
  • skin prone to Neurodermatitis/Psoriasis
  • skin prone to redness and Couperose
  • skin with scars and stretch marks
  • skin with hyper-pigmentation and chloasma


PHYRIS Africa has extensive range of training opportunities to equip you become a professional in the unique 3 phase care concept. Our concept covers basic and expert training as well as providing information about new products.

With PHYRIS Africa, you are not alone. We train you and develop the market with you for a shared business success. PHYRIS has a wide range of promotional materials to make your Treatment Centre, SPA, Beauty Salon or Emporium unique.


Steady success is the result of a trusted co-operation. Your expertise and proximity to customers in combination with the unique convincing products as well as treatment concepts, guarantee best skincare results in the Salon, SPA or Beauty Emporium or at home. We would love to see the success!

You too?


Experience the co-operative success with personalised support from PHYRIS Africa experts in the field. Our qualified personnel are glad to respond to all matters regarding products or treatments as well as all your questions including individual advertising measures for the success of your business.

We develop the market with you!!!

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